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What is BPAM?

Business People's Association of Moldova 
is a nongovernmental, civic, non-profit organization which brings together business people having a common belief concerning the development of the society through business development, supports entrepreneurship for sustainable economic development of Moldova in the framework of EU values.

From other perspective, BPAM is a promoting mechanism of specific development programs and projects, aimed to enhance the business environment both at a company and national levels.

BPAM and its members represent a core to strengthen and promote the values shared by its members related to the fundamental principles of market economy, free competition, transparent government, private and public sector management by applying the principles of effective decision making in order to achieve national prosperity.


What are the objectives of BPAM ?

BPAM major objectives are focused mainly in three areas:

• Legal initiatives to optimize the regulatory framework;
• Promoting the image of Moldova abroad and attracting foreign investments;
• Capacity building programs to support small and medium enterprises and create an efficient business investment frame.


In order to achieve these objectives BPAM will focus on the following primary areas:

Attracting foreign investment as the primary factor for a sustainable economic growth

According to international statistics and to the opinion of various economists, foreign direct investment (FDI) is considered to be the main source of GDP growth for developing countries, to which Moldova also refers. These resources create relatively quickly job places, increase the tax base, diversify the structure of national economy, bring new technologies and ultimately ensure sustainable economic growth.

To achieve this goal BPAM will contribute to the creation of a favorable entrepreneurial climate for investor's activity, offering preferences to foreign companies and treating them not less favourable than the domestic companies. Being interested in short or long term investment, the investor needs a transparent and predictable business climate. For this purpose BPAM will contribute to the improvement of the legal framework and business practices and will actively participate.

BPAM will be a promoter of investment projects in Moldova and aims to become a bridge between local enterprises and foreign investors. Moreover, investment contacts can be established when being involved in International Investment Forums, where BPAM hopes to promote Moldova's image and increase its investment attractiveness.

Promoting legal initiatives

Legal framework should become the main source to determine the rules in the national economy. In this context, BPAM aims at an effective partnership between state institutions and civil society, so to become a tribune, exposing entrepreneurs' and BPAM members' will, and to implement them into legislative initiatives.

BPAM will actively participate in the existing legal framework and expertise the drafting process, present objections and proposals. BPAM in partnership with state institutions will participate in committees working on the drafting of laws, regulations, instructions, decisions of government and other legal acts relevant to businesses.

BPAM proposals on drafting and improving the legal framework will focus on implementation of the principles of transparent economy, designed to enhance the legislation governing business activity. Meanwhile, in its legal adjustment process BPAM will promote legal initiatives according to EU directives and experience.

Capacity building and corporate trainings for business people

Capacity building and corporate trainigs for business people and technical personnel of an economic agent are crucial to business success and to its survival in an increasingly fierce competitive environment. The need to enhance professional capacity, as well as the awareness of  the movement towards international standards of business management, represent a natural step in the modernization of Moldovan enterprises as required in the current context of globalization and increased competition.

Considering this, BPAM will proceed to a complex set of training programs designed to enhance professional skills in such areas as business management, human resources management, financial management, marketing and market promotion, business logistics, business communication, etc. For these programs trainers and companies with proven skills , advanced experience and international reputation in organizing such training programs will be involved. MBPA members will be given priority when delegating its staff to participate in such training programs.

Facilitation and development of domestic businesses

Being aware of the fact that there is no sense to count on foreign investment as long as there is no appropriate stimulating domestic investment context, necessary actions should be undertaken to encourage entrepreneurs and business in general, by removing legal and administrative obstacles, thus contributing to the creation of a healthy competitive climate and free entrepreneurship.

In order to eliminate legal and administrative bans BPAM will collect members' complaints and suggestions and using business practices, will adjust, develop and promote action plans to enhance the legal and administrative frame and eradicate deficient administrative practices.

BPAM will attend the launch of development projects for business infrastructure, particularly developing financial and capital markets, stock exchanges, banks, pension funds etc.

Promoting exports

Moldova is a relatively small outlet, the only option for domestic companies effective development  lies in opening access to foreign markets. On the other hand, promoting exports helps greatly  to equilibrate the balance of payments and hence the macroeconomic stabilization of active businesses.

In this context, BPAM will actively take part in drafting state policies to promote exports, identify the advantages offered to Moldova when participating in various free trade areas, will provide members and other entrepreneurs with access to foreign markets and promotion possibilities.

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