BPAM hosts the second edition of the Forum for Dialogue and Development between the business community and Government

News / BPAM hosts the second edition of the Forum for Dialogue and Development between the business community and Government
The Business People’s Association of Moldova hosted on Tuesday afternoon July 24, 2018 an Economic Forum for Dialogue and Development dedicated to the meeting between representatives of the Moldovan business environment and representatives of the government.
The business community was represented by nearly 45 business associations and unions from our country, as well as more than 800 of the most important business owners and managers from the Moldovan economy.
The Government was represented by the Prime Minister Pavel Filip, Minister of Economy Chiril Gaburici, Minister of Justice Victoria Iftodi, as well as several heads of government agencies and authorities.
In his message the founding president of BPAM Vlad Plahotniuc presented to the guests the initiative of the governing coalition to adopt a legislative package to stimulate the business environment and increase the incomes of the population. Also, Vlad Plahotniuc has assured the business community that the current government will always be a reliable partner.

”The Government remains to be a partner of the business community. I assure you that for those issues that still exist we are looking for solutions to resolve them. We want and can change many things in the attitude of each of us and thus in the possibilities of the country”, said the BPAM president. At the same time, he reiterated the mission of the current government to continue to deliver results and implement reforms to improve the quality of Moldovan citizens’ lives.

The Prime Minister Pavel Filip in his speech reminded the measures taken by the current government for the business community in our country, and presented the following steps stipulated by the package of laws regarding the business environment. Measures for tax incentives, proposals for the HORECA sector, rules governing the operation of the taxi, currency repatriation and the reduction of pressure on the business community are part of this legislative package, which the Prime Minister spoke about. At the same time, Pavel Filip urged business representatives to support these steps for the benefit of the whole country.

”We want a more open and transparent business environment. We want you to feel good in the Republic of Moldova when you run a business and of course we want to have the financial capacity when talking about the state budget in order to be able to solve the problems faced by the citizens”, said the Prime Minister.

The event continued with a questions’ and answers’ session, during which business environment representatives asked questions and the ministers and heads of agencies provided answers and clarifications.
”It is an honour for the Business People’s Association of Moldova to host this meeting, which brings together the leading business representatives and, on the other hand, representatives of the government. We had discussions and in most cases this dialogue platform generated good ideas and solutions to the issues raised. Many of our draft laws have started following meetings with you and your industry peers. This is our mission and we are glad that we have always found openness on the part of the Government regarding the business community of the Republic of Moldova”, said the General Director of BPAM Alexandru Baltag at the second edition of the Forum for Dialogue and Development.
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