Measures to reduce bureaucracy in immovable property area

News / Measures to reduce bureaucracy in immovable property area
The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova voted on Friday in the first reading the amendment of the law on notary, which excludes the need to provide the certificate issued by the State Tax Service on tax liabilities related to the real estate assets which are subject to the alienation or pledge contracts.

This measure will reduce the bureaucracy during the registration of properties in our country, having beneficial effects for the citizens and the institutions. People will spend less time to seek documents and the Tax Service will be able to concentrate on other activities necessary for taxpayers. Also, the elimination of this certificate will improve business indicators for our country.
The Business People’s Association of Moldova supported this measure, as well as other similar measures during the discussions held within the Economic Council under the Prime Minister. It should be noted that BPAM holds the presidency of Working Group 5 “on improvement of the position of the Republic of Moldova in the international economic rankings” within this Council and is involved in taking measures for our country to rise in the Doing Business ranking made annually by the World Bank.
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