MBPA launches a series of training and leadership courses for young entrepreneurs

News / MBPA launches a series of training and leadership courses for young entrepreneurs

Moldova Business People Association launched today a series of Training and leadership courses for young entrepreneurs at the initiative of founding president of MBPA, Vlad Plahotniuc. The first seminar was held today in Chisinau. It was titled “Leading for THE BEST in YOU” and it was attended by around 1000 young people. The 4-hour course was held by the well-known professional trainer Andy Szekely, who is the author of several books on personal development and entrepreneurship.

In his welcoming speech, Vlad Plahotniuc encouraged the young people present at the training to take full advantage of the free series of training and development courses, which will be held by MBPA. 

“I urge you to be attentive and get inspired by the lectures of these experienced trainers. Such courses are an excellent opportunity for you to accumulate knowledge that will be useful in future. I started my first businesses in other circustances than you have today; there wasn’t as much knowledge or expertise available. Many decisions were made based on intuition; the expertise was accumulated through trial and error. But you can succeed without them”, told Vlad Plahotniuc.

He assured the young people interested in doing business in Moldova that MBPA supports and encourages them to trust themselves and, thus, contribute to the modernization of the country.

“Remember that rich people’s businesses, as a rule, are mostly gained, built, and developed businesses, rather than inherited. Everyone starts from scratch. I believe that you also can succeed, I believe that the business environment in Moldova, like many other areas, needs modernization. You can help the country achieve that”, added Vlad Plahotniuc.

The “Leading for THE BEST in YOU”

lecture is part of the series of seminars meant to help entrepreneurs reach their potential. The author, Andy Szekely, is an entrepreneur, a writer, a professional speaker and an expert in personal development, persuasion and leadership. He has experience from over 50 companies from 7 European countries and held presentations in USA, Canada and China.

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