MBPA – a Platform for Enhancing the Dialogue between Businesses and the Government

News / MBPA – a Platform for Enhancing the Dialogue between Businesses and the Government
Today the Moldova Business People Association hosted an Economic Forum for Dialogue and Development. The purpose of this event is for Moldovan business people and business associations to meet representatives of the government.

The business environment was represented by nearly 20 business associations and unions from our country (including several bilateral chambers of commerce) and about 400 of the most important business owners and managers. Prime Minister Pavel Filip, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Octavian Calmic, Minister of Finance Octavian Armasu, Minister of Justice Vladimir Cebotari represented Government, as well as several heads of government agencies and authorities.

The host of the Forum and founding president of MBPA, Vlad Plahotniuc, opened the discussions. He said that he is confident that this dialogue would have positive impact on strengthening the relations between the business and the state.

“We want to have a real, concrete partnership between business and government. Many good things can result from our communication”, said Vlad Plahotniuc. He added that there is a need to establish “ground zero”. From that moment on, the government would be more supportive of business and business would follow the letter of the law. 

Prime Minister Pavel Filip listed in his speech a series of measures that had been taken in the last year and a half by the government to support the business environment and said that these measures had positive effects both for companies and for the country’s economy in general.

“Creating a more attractive business environment remains a priority for the Government”, said the Prime Minister Pavel Filip, adding that he was also waiting for proposals on legislative amendments.

The meeting continued with a questions’ and answers’ session, during which business environment representatives asked the questions and  the ministers and heads of agencies provided answers and clarifications. The following topics were raised: the mechanisms for calculating the value of goods at the customs office, the relation between education (vocational schools) and jobs, public procurements and disputes’ resolutions, the need to establish a percentage of domestic products in supermarkets, market relations between manufacturers and resellers, the law of the day-labourers, taxation in agriculture, European quality standards for petroleum products, combating the shadow economy, use of renewable energy resources, infrastructure development, and others.

“It was a useful and functional meeting. I have seen a commitment from the Government to have a closer relationship with businesses, but also to bring the economic legislation in accordance with the European model. More communication is needed, because business is the engine for creating new jobs and developing Moldova”, said MBPA General Director Alexandru Baltag after the Forum. 

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